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DRPS members laid more than
criminal code charges, which is an increase of 3% compared to 2021
Human Trafficking Unit conducted
This team identified and assisted
victims (almost half of them were youth)
and laid

The K-9 Unit located
pieces of evidence, apprehended
suspects and located
persons with more than
hours spent on calls
general occurrences that were reported by officers to have a mental health component
increase in mental health-related reports in 2022 compared to 2021
of the mental health related-calls resulted in apprehensions
48.9 million impressions over all social media channels in 2022. That is a 45% increase over last year
There was a 12.5% increase in urgent calls in 2022 when compared to 2021
More than 1,700 compliance checks were performed (that’s an increase of 32%)
Violent crime rose by 5% and property crime rose by 6%
There was a 79% increase in investigations conducted by the Internet Child Exploitation Unit
There was a 27% reduction in residential B&Es but a 48% increase in vehicle thefts

Joint Forces Operations

Many DRPS investigations involve actively working with police services from across Ontario, Canada and internationally. DRPS has valued partnerships and members embedded in many Joint Forces Operations to share information with other police services, and federal and provincial authorities. These partnerships include the Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit; the Provincial Biker Enforcement Unit; the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit; the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario; the Provincial Anti-Terrorism Section; the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team; the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement squad. Always looking to improve our partnerships across the province, in 2022 the DRPS committed a member to the newly formed Organized Crime Tow Industry Project. Project Lancia was a successful JFO from 2022 where a large amount of drugs and firearms were seized and numerous people were arrested and charged. Project Lancia was a six-month-long investigation led by the DRPS Drug Enforcement Unit in partnership with the Peterborough Police Service and the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service. This project was further assisted by funding which was provided by the Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO). At the conclusion of this investigation, there were 31 search warrants executed, 24 arrests and 184 charges laid. Approximately $4.4 million in drugs (including over 34 kilograms of cocaine) and nine firearms were seized during this investigation. DRPS was also involved in the joint-forces Operation GTA. Learn more below.
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