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Strategic Partnerships


Victim Services of Durham Region

Victim Services of Durham Region (VSDR) is a community based, not-for-profit program funded by the Government of Ontario. This group of crisis intervention counsellors, prevention facilitators, advocates, students and volunteers help people in Durham Region who have experienced the unthinkable.
Working in partnership with the Durham Regional Police Service since 1998, this partnership was enhanced in 2018 when a staff member of Victim Services was embedded into the DRPS Human Trafficking Unit to assist victims of human trafficking. This pilot saw such great success, DRPS now has VSDR staff embedded in the intimate partner violence, special victims and missing persons units as well. DRPS will continue to expand this partnership model to ensure the needs of victims are being met. In 2023, VSDR provided assistance to more than 5,500 victims.

Community Organizations

DRPS is proud of our partnerships with community organizations and continues to enhance these collaborations that are critical to our success. These partnerships are the cornerstone of a safer, more resilient community. By working together, we can address the root causes of crime, provide support to those in need, and create an environment where everyone feels valued and protected. Community organizations bring invaluable insights, resources, and connections that help us better serve our citizens. Through collaboration, transparency, and mutual respect, we can build trust, foster positive relationships, and ensure that our efforts reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of our community.
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