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Information Technology Plan

Information Technology (IT) Unit Mission Statement

The mission is to provide the tools necessary for members of Durham Regional Police to do their job efficiently and effectively.
We deliver on the commitment of providing services and solutions of the utmost quality with stability, security, and reliability in all areas of technology.

DRPS’ IT unit is committed to:

  • Deliver the tools to seamlessly connect members to each other and the community
  • Ensure a secure and robust technology platform for our members
  • Deliver operational excellence by leveraging analytics to make informed decisions for community safety through various technology platforms
  • Promote creativity, adaptability, and innovation across DRPS that balances risk and benefits.
  • Provide equitable access to reliable and current technology, as part of continued modernization
DRPS conducts a review of the IT Strategic Plan every year to support the continued modernization of the Service. DRPS has made significant investments in modernization initiatives to provide our members with the tools to enhance their ways of doing business and provide better service internally and externally to the citizens of Durham Region. The Service continues to effectively run its day-to-day IT operations, infrastructure maintenance, and related budget processes. The IT unit adheres to a 10-year forecasted budget on information and technology replacement and ever greening of devices/hardware/software/equipment that is aligned with the Service’s business needs. The 10-year forecast allows for proper budget process and the ability to make strategic initiatives and utilize the IT resources effectively.