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Resource Planning and Police Facilities

Resource Planning

DRPS recognizes that achieving its goals and objectives requires sufficient resources. DRPS uses data-driven approaches to ensure appropriate resources are in place and to anticipate future resource requirements. Specifically, the Service conducts regular staffing analyses, including the development of a 10-year staffing projection. DRPS is also in the process of conducting span of control and deployment process analyses. These analyses take into consideration multiple factors, including but not limited to Durham Region’s growing population, calls for service, response times, crime trends, and the changing nature of crime. Our resource planning will allow DRPS to identify the staffing necessary to work towards our vision of Durham Region being the safest community for people to live, work, and play.

Police Facilities

The DRPS operates out of 20 facilities totalling more than 469,000 square feet of space. Currently, 12 facilities are DPRS owned and 8 are leased. Two additional buildings are currently being designed and constructed as part of the Clarington Police Complex-Phase 2 project in Bowmanville. The Regional Support Centre and the Centre for Investigative Excellence are expected to be opened in early 2024 and will add approximately 150,000 square feet to DRPS’ portfolio and provide a centralized location for many support and investigative units. A four year Facilities Plan coincides with our strategic planning cycle. This Facilities Plan addresses all aspects of the Ministry of the Solicitor General Policing Standards guidelines as they relate to police facilities. Long-term plans for facilities are outlined in an annually updated Capital Forecast that covers a 10-year period.